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Take Home Teeth Whitening Kits in Redmond and Bellevue, WA–Smile Studios

Convenient Take-Home Whitening Kits

A whiter smile will help give you confidence for your next date or Zoom meeting!  The dental team at Smile Studios in Redmond can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. One of the most popular products we offer includes convenient take-home whitening trays. Many patients choose this option to help maintain teeth whitening after they have completed the Zoom! In-office whitening.  In-office teeth whitening gives you immediate, dramatic results.  Some people may opt out of the in-office whitening if they have severe teeth sensitivity.  The good news is that take-home whitening kits can still get your teeth up to 6 shades brighter. However, it does take longer than the immediate results one sees with Zoom! In-office whitening.

Take-home whitening kits are ideal for patients who wish to achieve professional results in the comfort of their own homes, but under the guidance of your dentist.

What are the benefits of take-home whitening?

We understand that many of our patients work in demanding high-tech fields and therefore are strapped for time. They do not have the time to spend in the office for in-office teeth whitening. Some other patients have sensitive teeth, and therefore in-office may not be ideal for them. Take-home whitening products offer a convenient, but effective alternative. Under the supervision of your dental team here at Smile Studios in Redmond, these take home kits will help you achieve the cosmetic result you’ve always wanted.

How do you monitor the take home teeth-whitening process?

Your team of dental professionals at Smile Studios in Redmond understands the teeth whitening process. We will guide you to achieve the results you desire. We understand sensitivity may occur with the teeth whitening trays and can customize your frequency/duration of whitening times to minimize sensitivity.  Our professional take-home teeth-whitening trays are far superior than the over-the counter-whitening products and whitening kiosks at the mall, because the concentration of whitening agent is much higher and can only be dispensed by a licensed dentist. With the professional teeth-whitening kits, you will achieve better results faster.

Why do the teeth-whitening products need to be customized?

Did you know there are two types of stains?  They are called intrinsic and extrinsic stains. Extrinsic stains are surface stains and these exist in the outer layer of your teeth. Meanwhile, the deeper stains, also known as intrinsic stains, occur deep within the dentin layer underneath your tooth’s enamel surface. These intrinsic stains are harder to treat as it more difficult for the whitening agent to penetrate deep into the dentin.  At Smile Studios, we will recommend the specific teeth whitening product that is best fitted to the stains on your teeth. Additionally, we have products that are designed for patients that have extremely sensitive teeth. We will be here to monitor your progress to ensure long-lasting, comfortable, and safe teeth-whitening results.

How do take-home teeth whitening kits work?

All teeth whitening products have an active ingredient to help remove stains. Usually this is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in different concentrations. The whitening agent is activated by oxygen, which then reacts with the discolored molecules that cause the staining. These discolored molecules then are broken apart. You are left with white teeth!  The teeth whitening will not harm your enamel or teeth.

Whats the difference between over-the-counter whitening vs. take-home whitening.

At Smiles Studios in Redmond, we use only the highest quality products that have been tested and proven to be safe and effective. Though you may be able to purchase cheaper products over the counter, they are not equivalent to professional products. As we discussed, the concentration of the over-the-counter products is lower, which makes them a less effective whitening agent.  In addition, those products do not factor into consideration your stain type or level, your sensitivity, nor how much whitening level you hope to achieve. Compared with our professional take home teeth whitening products, over-the-counter teeth whitening products will take longer to produce results, and the results will likely be less dramatic.

To achieve your dream smile, call our dental office at 425-553-4480 or book online below so we set you up with personalized plan for your teeth whitening. We’d love to help you boost your confidence with a bright, beautiful smile!

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