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Expert tooth extractions by our Smile Studios dentists in Redmond, WA.

There may be a variety of reasons you may unfortunately need to have a tooth pulled. There are times when the tooth becomes extremely infected and decayed that it may jeopardize your health. Alternatively, for kids, a tooth may need to be extracted to allow room for a permanent tooth to come in. Our Smile Studios in Redmond dentists provide professional extraction services, to ensure your oral health, and minimize the discomfort. Fortunately, most insurances cover tooth extraction in such circumstances. Our goal is to ensure you get appropriate care before, during, and after a tooth extraction procedure.

What do you feel during the tooth extraction?

In most cases, a tooth extraction results in only mild discomfort. Our dentists at Smile Studios are experts in local anesthetics to numb the area to prevent any discomfort. We do understand some people are extremely nervous. We do offer some mild sedation or nitrous as well in these circumstances in addition to the local anesthetic.

After the local anesthetic, your Smile Studios dentist will gently loosen the tooth by rocking it back and forth. This helps loosen the tooth from the gum so the dentist can then extract the tooth. A gauze is placed into the socket where the tooth was to prevent bleeding and allow a clot to form.

What do I do about empty space between my teeth after a tooth extraction? 

Our goal is to ensure a healthy bite and a cosmetic smile.  If a tooth is extracted because it was damaged, we will recommend replacement. If the tooth is not replaced, there will be an empty space that will allow the surrounding teeth to shift. This further leads to other problems. There are several different ways to replace your missing tooth. Our dentists at Smile Studios will discuss your options, such as dental implants or dentures. We recommend dental implants since they are more durable and functional.

Tooth Extractions at Smile Studios

Tooth Extractions at Smile Studios
Tooth extractions are not a dentist's first choice but are sometimes necessary. Watch the video with Dr. Tina Subherwal about tooth extractions, the process, and aftercare.

Hi, I’m Dr. Tina Subherwal with Smile Studios in Redmond, Washington.

Today I’m going to be talking to you about tooth extractions.

Teeth that don’t have a good prognosis for survival due to a large cavity or bone loss around the tooth may need to be extracted or removed.

After the patient is numb and cannot feel anything in the area, the tooth is carefully coaxed out.

We will give you detailed instructions on how to take care of the area and control discomfort afterward.

We’ll also check on you the evening of your appointment to make sure you’re doing all right and answer any questions.

Call us today to complete your smile.

Do you also remove wisdom teeth? 

Wisdom teeth are the third molars in the back of your mouth. These grow around adulthood, but may not develop in everyone. Wisdom teeth may grow in different angles in the back of your mouth, and this can affect the surrounding teeth. They may push on the healthy surrounding teeth especially when they do not have necessary space to develop properly. This sometimes causes a pain in the back of your mouth. When this occurs, the wisdom teeth should be removed to avoid further complications. Occasionally, a wisdom tooth is unable to breath through the gum and becomes impacted. This further requires extraction before an infection occurs. If a tooth gets infected, the infection may need to be treated first. .

How do you remove a wisdom tooth?

Wisdom tooth extraction is a fairly routine procedure done in our clinic at Smile Studios in Redmond. If our dentist decides your wisdom teeth require removal, he or she will discuss your particular procedure beforehand. Please let your dentist know if you have any special concerns, allergies, medical conditions, or pain sensitivities.

Do I need my wisdom teeth extracted? 

This is a very good question. Most people do not need their wisdom teeth extracted. As a part of your regular check-ups, your dentist at Smile Studios in Redmond will monitor. If you are having symptoms, we encourage you to share with the dentist.  If extraction is recommended, it may be because a wisdom tooth has the potential to cause excessive pain or more serious problems that could impact good oral and general health. When wisdom teeth don’t develop properly, damage and disease can result. Remember, these teeth are nonessential and do not need implants or dentures.

If you have dental pain, or want a second opinion on whether a tooth needs to be extracted, please call our office at (425) 584-3242, or book online below. We at Smile Studios in Redmond, WA  look forward to caring for you and your family.

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