Award Winning Dentistry at Smile Studios in Redmond!

Dr.Tina Subherwal with Redmond Award

Are you new to the Redmond, Washington area or just seeking a new dentist that practices with compassion and care? Are you seeking a dentist who exudes excitement at being your partner in maintaining and achieving optimum oral health? If so, you should consider Dr. Tina Subherwal and the team at Smile Studios. Dr. Subherwal is an award winning dentist who has been acknowledged for the patient-centric care she provides to the Redmond community. Dr. Subherwal is the recipient of the 2022 Best of Redmond Award in the Dentist category by the Redmond Award Program. Dr. Subherwal has been recognized for this award due to the exceptional care she provides each patient she sees and the positive impact she has on the Redmond community via the dental care provided.

When Dr. Subherwal arrives at the office each day, she has one goal in mind: helping each patient achieve a healthy smile that looks and feels great. Dr. Subherwal approaches dentistry in a way that allows her to take the necessary time for each patient, so you never feel uncomfortable or rushed when you visit Smile Studios. She goes out of her way to make you feel at ease for the entirety of your appointment. These are just a few reasons Dr. Subherwal has been recognized for the Best of Redmond award.

Treating You And Your Smile

Dentists truly care about the health of your teeth, gums, and mouth. Studies show links between gum disease and other illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and have made the health of your mouth even more important. Dr. Subherwal wants the very best for you and your overall wellness and can help by being your partner in oral health!

Prevention Is Key

While Dr. Subherwal is here to help correct and treat any oral health issues you may have, she also emphasizes the importance of preventive dentistry. Preventing dental issues before they can become a problem will preserve your dental health and prevent you from having to pay for more expensive treatment in the future. Dr. Subherwal always looks out for her patients and will help you avoid serious oral health complications when possible.

We Are A Team

The incredibly talented team at Smile Studios in Redmond, Washington, headed by Dr. Subherwal, is a happy and enthusiastic group. This energy translates to the patients they see. It is their goal to treat each other and their patients like family. When you walk into Smile Studios, Dr. Subherwal wants a positive atmosphere to impact how you view your dental experience. She is happy and enthusiastic to make each patient’s smile not only healthy but happy as well!

As a patient visiting Smile Studios in Redmond, Washington, you deserve the most quality treatment anywhere. The work performed by Dr. Subherwal goes above and beyond what you typically find at a dental office, and this is just one reason why Dr. Subherwal has been awarded the Best in Richmond award for excellence in dentistry. Dr. Subherwal welcomes you to her office and would love to see you soon. To schedule an appointment, please call (425) 584-3242 today.