Enhance the smile with removable Snap-On Dentures

Experience stability and comfort with Snap-On Dentures at Smile Studios in Redmond

Dr. Tina Subherwal and her team at Smile Studios in Redmond, Washington, believe in providing patients with solutions that meet their needs. This includes patients who are interested in full dentures. While traditional full dentures are a good fit for many of our patients to restore the function of their smiles, they are not the only option. Some patients are now considering removable alternatives such as the Snap-On dentures readily available at our office.

What are Snap-On Dentures?

Snap-on dentures, also known as overdentures or removable implant dentures, are a viable option for patients who are in need of full dentures but looking for a way to make them much more stable. Snap-on dentures can be removed for cleaning and care, and then use two to four implants placed along the arch to “snap” them into place. These types of dentures are retained in place with the implants, ensuring proper fit and function. Patients do not need to use denture adhesives to keep them from slipping or sliding along the gum line, ensuring improved comfort.

Why should I consider Snap-On Dentures?

With Snap-On Dentures, Redmond, Washington area patients have the opportunity to maintain the dentures in place but can remove them and replace them as needed. This versatility makes them easier to care for and clean.

What are the benefits of Snap-On Dentures?

Implant-retained dentures are a highly desirable option for patients because they:

  • Provide improved stability
  • Resist slippage
  • Reduce the need for messy denture adhesives
  • Are easier to clean and care for
  • Provide better support and chewing ability than traditional full dentures

Are you interested in learning more about overdentures near me and how they can improve your smile’s appearance and function after significant tooth loss?

If you are located in or around Redmond, Washington, and have been considering removable implant dentures, now is the time to connect with Dr. Tina Subherwal and her team at Smile Studios. 

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