Get urgent treatment for dental emergencies in Redmond, WA

Woman having surgery at dental clinic

If you have pain or sensitivity in your tooth, you need treatment right away before the problem worsens. Smile Studios in Redmond, WA, offers quick appointments for dental emergencies so we can diagnose your issues and get you relief as soon as possible.

Tooth and gum infections

Pain and sensitivity are signs of infection, and Dr. Subherwal can diagnose the cause of your issues and form a treatment plan to address them. This may include removing decay and infected tissue, prescribing antibiotics, or performing root canal therapy to give you relief. 


If an injury causes a crack or knocks your tooth out, Dr. Subherwal can work with you to prevent infection and save your tooth if possible. If you are worried about a head injury or other issues, you can go to an emergency room for treatment. Still, most hospitals don’t have a dentist on staff, and you will likely need a follow-up appointment with a dentist for continued care. 


Sometimes the only treatment for an infected tooth is to remove it. Dr. Subherwal can extract your tooth safely, and local anesthetics will ensure the process is pain-free. After the extraction site is healed, Dr. Subherwal can work with you to decide which tooth replacement option is right for you. 

Replacing restorations

While it may not be painful, loss of a dental crown, tooth filling, or other restoration is considered an emergency. Your dental work is designed to seal out bacteria from causing infections in your dental pulp and tooth root. Infections can develop quickly, and your restorations need to be reset as soon as possible to prevent issues. Dr. Subherwal can replace fillings and place temporary restorations while the dental lab works to make a new one.  

Continued care

When you have a dental emergency, the goal is to offer you relief as soon as possible, so pain and discomfort don’t keep you up at night. However, many issues will require a follow-up treatment to address the cause of infection, and our team will work with you to form a treatment plan to restore your oral health and protect your teeth from further damage.

Patients in Redmond, WA, and surrounding cities such as Bellevue, Woodinville, Kirkland, Sammamish, Issaquah, and Bothell, can contact our office at (425) 584-3242 to set up an emergency appointment.