Custom Night Guards by Smile Studios in Redmond

Custom night guard

Do you wake up with jaw pain, headache, instability of your jaw, or general tooth pain? If you do, then you may be suffering from clenching and teeth grinding (also called bruxism). Bruxism is a common condition and according to the National Sleep Foundation, it affects approximately 30-40 million children and adults in the United States.

What are signs and symptoms of teeth grinding and clenching?

  • Grinding sound at night
  • Jaw muscles are tight and painful (especially early in the morning)
  • Headaches in the morning
  • Chipped teeth
  • Sensitive top part of teeth

Why is clenching and grinding (bruxism) harmful?

Bruxism is a serious problem that can cause permanent damage to your teeth. Teeth grinding and clenching can lead to chipped teeth, cracks in teeth, loss of fillings or damage to prior dental work such as crowns/bridges. Teeth grinding also leads to wear of enamel, and which eventually can cause sensitivity issues (tooth pain with cold temperatures). We at Smile Studios encourage you to schedule an appointment in our Redmond dental clinic so our dental team can evaluate you for tooth grinding (bruxism).

How do you treat teeth grinding (bruxism) and what is a night guard?

If after a proper history and examination, we find that you indeed have bruxism, we can recommend a custom fitted night guard. A custom night guard is an oral appliance typically worn while sleeping through the night. A custom night guard protects your teeth from wear and tear of nighttime grinding. It helps reduce muscle pain and soreness as well as jaw joint pain and instability many people feel when they wake up. Though you may see mouth guards at pharmacies or on available online, the quality of these tend to manufactured with poor quality materials, do not custom fit your teeth (and therefore protect your teeth as well), and they do not last as long.

What differentiates a customized night guard from over the counter?

At Smile Studios, we can create a custom fitted high quality night guard for you that has superior fit and longevity. We guarantee a superior fit as our custom night guards are made with personalized impressions of your mouth. We use a top-notch laboratory located in Seattle to manufacture your custom night guard.  Consequently, you can be assured that your custom night guard is made of the highest quality material and has excellent longevity. It will fit securely to your teeth, and are comfortable to wear.

Will my insurance cover the cost of custom night guards?

Fortunately, most forms of insurance do help cover the cost of night guards, particularly in symptomatic patients.Visit Smile Studios for a quick visit to discuss the benefits of a custom fitted mouth guard, or schedule an appointment for a fitting. Please call (425) 584-3242 to make an appointment or click below for to schedule an online appointment.

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