Dental Crowns at Smile Studios in Redmond

Dental crown model

A crown is a “cap” or “cover” that a dentist puts on the top of a tooth. You will likely need a tooth crown over if you have a cavity that is too large for a filling or a cracked/weakened tooth. Additionally, if you have had a root canal treatment, a crown can protect the restored tooth. The crown serves cosmetic purposes as well as it helps cover a discolored or a badly shaped tooth. Other advantages of a crown include improving alignment of the teeth and preserving the dental occlusion (bite). Damaged or gaps between missing teeth may cause the remainder of the teeth to shift, resulting in a poor bite and problems. Crowns can help prevent this from occurring, thus preserving your bite.

A crown may be made of ceramic, porcelain, metal alloys/stainless steel, or composite resin. Generally, dentists use porcelain or ceramic to make cosmetic crowns. Dr. Tina at Smile Studios in Redmond will choose the right material for your crown based on many factors including tooth color, location, and position, and gum tissue position. With the highest quality labs in the nation, we make high-quality crowns for both function and cosmetic appearance.

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