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Top 5 Dental Implant Questions

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Did you know that over 5 million dental implants are placed in the United States every year? Dental implants are an effective way to replace a broken tooth or a tooth with extensive decay that cannot be restored with a root canal or crown. We at Smile Studios dental clinic understand you may have questions regarding this procedure. In this article, we cover the 5 most common questions patients ask regarding dental implants in our dental clinic.

1. What happens if I do not replace my missing tooth?

Missing teeth may cause problems with your bite, which may result in a shift of the remaining teeth. Additionally, many patients may develop difficulty chewing foods. Furthermore, there is an increased risk for increased decay and gum disease of neighboring teeth.

 2. How long do implants last?

Implants are long-term fixes.  In our dental clinic, we use the finest implants on the market, They are resistant to decay and gum problems.

3. Why should I get an implant instead of dentures and bridges?

Dentures and bridges certainly can be placed to cover your missing tooth. However, they can be uncomfortable and may require periodic replacement. However, bridges require irreversible modification of adjacent healthy teeth. It is difficult to floss under a bridge and may be prone to cavities secondary to plaque and bacterial buildup. Meanwhile, the implants are more of a long-term fix that mimics your natural teeth. Routine care of implants just like your natural teeth helps maintain their longevity. There are times when a dental bridge may not be an option (if the neighboring teeth are too weak or missing). We encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Tina Subherwal here at Smile Studios in Redmond, WA. to discuss your options of implants vs dentures/bridges.

4. How much do implants cost?

The initial cost of implants is higher than dental bridges. However, dental bridges may need to be replaced at some point in the future, and therefore long-term costs may be higher than implants. Dental implants vary in cost and depending on the location the costs are usually $4,000 to $5,000 for the implant, abutment, and crown. We encourage you to meet with Dr. Subherwal at Smile Studios dental clinic to discuss a treatment plan outlining the costs, and appointment schedules/follow-ups.

 5. What does the process of getting an implant include?

Initially, a decayed or dying tooth is extracted. A CT scan and X-rays are performed to plan for the dental implant. Imaging helps determine if a bone graft is necessary. If it is, a bone graft is placed to allow for the implant to sit properly. The bone graft may take a few months to heal before an implant can be placed. Once the bone graft is healed, the implant is placed. Roughly 3 months later, an impression is taken to create a crown. The fabricated crown is then finally placed.

You have several choices to replace a broken or missing tooth. We encourage you to schedule an appointment to discuss all your options and determine which is the best choice for you. Click below to schedule a visit online, or call (425) 552-4480.

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