Infection Control in the Dental Office--How Do We Keep You Safe? 

With COVID-19, we are frequently asked about our sterilization and disinfection process. Even before COVID-19, we at Smile Studios invested in the most advanced sterilization labs and automated treatment centers to ensure you and your families safety at the dental office. We have produced videos below to answer all your concerns about the sterilization of your instruments, sanitation and disinfection methods of the dental equipment and tubing. 

How do you sterilize  dental instruments?

Have you wondered how we sterilize your dental instruments? In this video, we show you how we sterilize your dental instruments at Smile Studios. We also show you how you can tell if your dental instruments were properly sterilized in an autoclave? 

How do you sanitize the dental equipment and tubing?

Ever wonder if the tubing and equipment used to clean your teeth is disinfected? At Smile Studios Redmond, we use the most advanced treatment centers that have automated built-in sanitation systems to achieve 100% compliance with CDC guidelines for disinfection in between EVERY patient.

How do you sanitize the suction hose and waste water lines?

Is the suction hose they use at dental clinics really disinfected between each patient?  Here, we show you how easy it is for us with our automated treatment centers to sanitize the suction hose and waste water lines. This ensures that we remain 100% compliant with CDC guidelines AFTER every patient. 

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