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Is a Broken Crown A Dental Emergency?

Dental crowns are built very strong, and usually last a lifetime. However, a crown may become chipped or broken by an accident. This may result in discomfort and pain. At times, the pain may be so severe that you may need to call an emergency dentist.

Smile Studios in Redmond, WA has emergency dentists that specialize in a variety of dental emergencies including broken crowns. Whether the chipped or broken crown causes severe pain or a mild discomfort, we encourage you to contact our dental office immediately. You should explain what happened so the emergency dentist may determine if immediate action is required, or if it can be taken care of non-emergently. Below we list several items we want you to know, so the dentist can provide the best treatment options

What will the emergency dentist discuss with me?

How did the crown break or chip?
Crowns are meant to be strong, so it is not common for them to break on their own. However, there certainly may be wear and tear over the course of years, especially if you grind your teeth at night. Accidents may occur such as getting hit in the mouth with a ball, or falling. These scenarios may result in the crown breaking or chipping.

What should you do if a crown breaks?

If you are in the Redmond, Bellevue, or Eastside Seattle area, please call our dental office immediately . Our emergency dental specialist, Dr. Tina Subherwal,  will ask about what happened resulting in the chip or broken crown, and how the tooth feels. Depending on the scenario, the emergency dentist may recommend you come to the clinic right away If the broken crown will not immediately impact the In most scenarios, the emergency dentist may recommend keeping the mouth clean until the next day, and coming to the dental clinic the next day. We STRONGLY urge you to not try to repair or replace the crown without the emergency dentists help. Doing so on your own may lead to more significant problems down the road and lead additional work that can be avoided.

We at Smile Studios in Redmond value our patients. If you have any doubt (even if the pain felt is minimal), we urge you to call and discuss what happened with our emergency dentist. We do not want the situation with a broken crown to get worse, when a simple relative fix was an option. Rest assured, we are here to take care of the dental health of our communities in the Redmond, Bellevue, and Eastside Seattle area. We are known for having one of the top emergency dentists, Dr. Tina, in the greater Seattle Metropolitan area.

If you break or chip a crown, and aren’t sure what you should do, call (425) 553-4480  or BOOK ONLINE below for an emergency dentist who’ll provide you with peace of mind about your dental health.

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