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Your perfect smile is a click away!


Your perfect smile is a click away!



Welcoming all patients as family.

“My purpose as a dentist is to serve my community with humility, conscientiousness, and precision. I strive to welcome every patient into our practice as though they are friends or family. Every patient deserves the time, respect, and technical expertise of their dental care professionals. Holding to this standard allows us to provide customized, exceptional care.”

I was born and raised in Seattle. I moved to Kansas City, Missouri to attend the University of Missouri-Kansas City after acceptance into the competitive accelerated dental degree program directly out of high school.

After receiving my dental degree, I moved to Santa Monica to attend the University of Southern California’s Advanced Education in General Dentistry program. Here I gained additional knowledge and experience in the areas of cosmetic, implant, and sedation dentistry..

I met my husband Sumeet while living in SoCal. We now have three daughters: Naina, Simran, and Parina. We were excited to move back to Seattle in 2015 to settle in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We love the Greater Seattle area for its natural beauty, diversity, and energy as a thought-leading, innovative technology hub



Why were you drawn to dentistry?

I grew up with a very different idea of dental health and its importance than my parents did growing up in India. What I feel fortunate about is that I used to go to the dentist regularly and receive orthodontic treatment for my considerable overbite and crowded teeth. I appreciate the value of healthy, beautiful teeth and believe everyone deserves to understand their dental conditions and make informed decisions about their dental health.


What do you enjoy most about being a dentist?

My favorite part of coming to work every day is engaging with my wonderful patients and amazing team to help people achieve their best smile. Dentistry has become increasingly accurate and predictable thanks to digital advances. I enjoy discovering and incorporating these technologies to provide patients with customized and exceptional care.


How long have you been providing professional dental care services?

I feel fortunate to have been providing dental care in a private practice setting for over 15 years, with experience in cosmetic and general dentistry.

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I cherish leading my daughter’s Girl Scouts troop and volunteering at her elementary school. I like being involved in our community as it helps me gain perspective from getting to know people. The school year flies by with soccer, basketball, and skiing. In the summer, we enjoy taking long weekends to explore the Pacific Northwest – we love Cannon Beach and the San Juan islands.

That’s a hard one… Of course, each birth our three daughters were life-changing. Aside, from that, some of my best memories are from vacations spent hanging out with family and friends.

Professionally, my hero is Dr. Charles Dunlap, our charismatic pathology professor who is not only brilliant in his field, but fabulous storyteller and human being. Personally, I admire my mom. My parents immigrated to the United States shortly before I was born, at a time when our community in Seattle was less diverse. Like many other immigrants, they experienced culture shock and worked hard to build a comfortable life for our family.

I’d say Moose Tracks, because I love a bit of everything.

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