Welcoming all patients as family.

My purpose as a dentist is to serve my community with humility, conscientiousness, and precision. I strive to welcome every patient into our practice as though they are friends or family. All patients deserve the time, respect, and technical expertise of their dental care professionals. Holding to this standard allows us to provide customized, out of the ordinary care..”

I was born and raised in Seattle. Then, I moved to Kansas City, Missouri to attend the University of Missouri-Kansas City after being accepted into the competitive accelerated dental degree program directly out of high school.

After receiving my dental degree, I moved to Santa Monica to attend the University of Southern California’s Advanced Education in General Dentistry program. Here, I gained advanced knowledge and experience in the areas of cosmetic, implant, and sedation dentistry.

I met my husband Sumeet while living in SoCal. Now, we have three daughters: Naina, Simran, and Parina. We were excited to move back to Seattle in 2015 to settle in the lovely Pacific Northwest. We love the Greater Seattle area for its natural beauty, diversity, and energy as a thought leading and innovative technology hub.

I fulfilled my dream to open my own dental clinic, Smile Studios in Redmond, in the summer of 2019. I cherish the ability to provide my patients with personalized dental care using state of the art equipment. My goal has been to provide dental care to my patients as if they were my own family. 


Why were you drawn to dentistry?

I grew up with a very different idea of dental health and its importance than my parents did growing up in India. What I feel fortunate about is that I used to go to the dentist regularly and receive orthodontic treatment for my considerable overbite and crowded teeth. I cherish the value of healthy, beautiful teeth and believe that everyone deserves to understand their dental conditions and make informed decisions about their dental health.

What do you enjoy most about being a dentist?

My favorite part of coming to work every day is engaging with my wonderful patients and amazing team to help people achieve their best smile. Dentistry has become more and more accurate as well as predictable thanks to digital advances. I enjoy finding and deploying new technologies to provide patients with the best suited exceptional care.

How long have you been providing professional dental care services?

I feel fortunate to have been providing dental care in a private practice setting for over 15 years, with experience in cosmetic and general dentistry.

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What do you do outside of the office?

I cherish leading my daughter’s Girl Scouts troop and volunteering at her elementary school. I like being involved in our community as it helps me gain perspective from getting to know people. The school year flies by with soccer, basketball, and skiing. In the summer, we enjoy taking long weekends to explore the Pacific Northwest – we love Cannon Beach and the San Juan islands.

what was the best day of your life and why?

That’s a hard one… Of course, each birth our three daughters were life-changing. Aside from that, some of my best memories are from vacations spent hanging out with family and friends.

who is your hero?

Professionally, my hero is Dr. Charles Dunlap, our magnetic pathology professor who is not only brilliant in his field, but a fantastic tale teller and human being. Personally, I admire my mom. My parents immigrated to the United States shortly before I was born, at a time when our community in Seattle was less diverse. Like many other immigrants, they had been through a culture shock and worked hard to build an easy life for our family.

what flavor of ice cream would you be?

I’d say Moose Tracks, because I love a bit of everything.

Patient Experiences

Smiles to be proud of

  • Zhan Zhang

    They are very nice and helpful. The devices there are pretty new and comfortable.It only takes me 1 min from home. Will take my wife and kid there next time.

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  • Waqar Siddiqui

    Dr Tina and the rest of the staff at Smile Studios were all incredibly nice and helpful. It’s conveniently located by Microsoft’s Redmond campus, about a 15 minute walk from the Commons.

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  • Rachael

    Dr. Subherwal is a breath of fresh air. I had been going to another, capable dentist, but felt something was missing. I decided to see someone new when one of my molars began to hurt. I picked Dr. Tina Subherwal and couldn’t be more pleased.

    The first thing I remember about this visit was how Dr. Subherwal took the time to explain what she was going to do instead of just doing it. She would even explain WHY. I really appreciate that in any medical provider and Dr. Subherwal seemed to intuitively know this. She has a wonderful bedside manner. While she was working on me, I honestly felt as though she could be working on a member of her family. Incredibly gentle, patiently answering my questions and concerns thoughtfully (and I tend to have a lot of questions and concerns). I never felt like she was rushing, rather I felt that I was the only patient she had to worry about. That was nice in this world of rush, rush.

    The actual procedure (a root canal due to a cracked tooth) went smoothly. I have heard horror stories of other people’s root canals, but I experienced none of that. Her slender and agile hands worked tirelessly in my mouth for hours but I was never in any discomfort. I was back at work right after. She called the next day to check up on me. When does that happen?!?

    If I had to do it over, I’d pick Dr. Subherwal again–no questions asked. In other words, I highly recommend this gentle dentist, especially for people with small mouths and for people who tend to be a little nervous.

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  • Pavel Verma

    Dr. Subherwal is an amazing caring dentist, recently she did my front teeth crowns explained the process thoroughly, did an amazing job and Dr. Subherwal always takes the time to connect with me the next day and make sure all my questions are answered. Office is super high tech… Dr. Subherwal is great and I’d HIGHLY recommend to anyone and everyone!

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  • Megan Dalgleish

    Dr. Tina not only has incredible chairside manor and a genuine, friendly demeanor, she also does Beautiful, quality dentistry. I personally had the pleasure of having Dr. Subherwal complete the straightening of my teeth via Invisalign in January of this year and I am thrilled with my results. I felt cared for and really heard throughout my treatment. I recommend her to my family and friends all the time!

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  • George Smith Jr

    Dr. Tina Subherwal is the best dentist bar none! She has an uncanny ability to connect with the inner you.. For someone like me who has always experienced anxiety from dental visits it was different dealing with Dr. Subherwal. She likes to develop a personal relationship with her patients. She makes me you feel appreciated, comfortable and cared for. If you are thinking about a good dentist and don’t know where to begin look no further than Dr. Subherwal. She will make you feel like gold. This will be your last stop. ? Thank you again for all you do!

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  • Bhappi Kochhar

    I visited smile studios for my dental work. As I entered the facility it is just wow. The facility and staff is very welcoming. The doctor and staff are very caring and people friendly and makes sure patients needs are met and they are satisfied.
    The clinic is of contemporary style and differ than most of dental offices. It has all modern equipment.
    I am very pleased and say it is a 5 star office. I would recommend everyone to this place.

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  • Ashley Tara Brown

    Dr.Tina Subherwhal is very personable and knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease in her dental office. She has all the best and newest technology and very friendly staff. It was a pleasurable experience all the way around!

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